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Mr. & Mrs. Lang,
Byron and I could not have imagined a better ceremony! You all were so great and really made our vows so special. We were moved, overwhelmed, and extremely happy with how it all worked out – especially on such short notice. We would like to get a copy of the vows and blessings. Again, we are so blessed to have been connected to you all for our special day and really cannot thank you enough for a beautiful ceremony.
Michele & Bryon  

Dear Judge and Mrs. Lang,
Our ceremony was wonderful! Thanks because of the beautiful vows you sent to us. We had so much information to choose from. I was worried at first since it wasn’t in a church that it would be a little stuffy, but you gave us so many choices that were very touching and personal. Your information is really helpful when trying to plan a ceremony. I will remember ours forever.
Jenny and Donnie  

Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job at our wedding. You gave us some great ideas that helped us organize and make it a great day. Thanks as well for the CD, it made wonderful seating music, something we did not plan for.
Mike & Amy  

Dear Judge Lang,
Our heartfelt thanks for your kindness, patience and most of all, for making our wedding memorable. It was a beautiful ceremony enhanced by your readings.
Ilana & Jose  

Thomas Lang, Wedding Officiant, Retired Jude, Wedding Minister

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