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servicesphotos2First, everyone is welcome.
As you know, an enduring marriage is not created by law or ceremony and no government functionary, Minister or prelate can promise to do so. Marriage is created in the hearts of two human beings; grows by loving, caring and sharing; thrives when a couple supports and believes in each other in the presence of life’s inevitable adversity.
Each individual has a right to find harmony and balance while traveling his or her unique path upon life’s Grand Journey

My Marriage Ceremony fee normally starts at $450 and varies depending upon the location of your wedding venue, the time, and day of the week. Discounts apply to active duty military personnel and special circumstances e.g weekday ceremonies. If you ask me to get into a hot air balloon or conduct a sunrise ceremony, I am ready but we need to talk .

If you recruit me to conduct your rehearsal an additional charge applies. This expense is usually avoided by my providing you a copy of my Rehearsal Roadmap and doing some coaching when we meet in person.

This ceremony fee includes the following as well as all the things listed in my Rehearsal Roadmap.

  1. A rough draft ceremony and virtual library of optional vows, affirmations, ring exchanges, readings, prayers, blessings, interfaith options and enhancements.
 The wide range of optional vows and affirmations provides a helpful platform for you and I to compose your unique, meaningful vows without “reinventing the wheel”.
  2. Our meeting on line and in person to get acquainted and share ideas.
  3. Telephone calls, video conferences and e-mail correspondence to compose and then “fine tune” your ceremony.
  4. Traveling to and performing your ceremony at your location.
  5. A foil paper Commemorative Marriage Certificate (shown in photo on right).
Filing your Marriage Certificate with the County Recorder.
  7. Your choice of enhancements including but not limited to:
    • Unity Candle
    • Flower Blending
    • Sand Blending
    • Statement of Support
    • Gift of roses to moms
    • Wine Sharing
    • Water sharing
    • Blessing of Hands (several versions)
    • Breaking of the Glass “Mozel Tov”
    • Signing of the Ketubah
    • Parents’ Blessing
    • Remembrances (recommended for your program)
    • Your favored Prayer or Blessing
    • Philippine traditional, veil, cord and coin ceremonies
    • Hand Fasting
    • Lariat Ceremony